Always On The Money

Always On The Money

We try our very hardest to make sure you get the best fashion at the best prices. We really do. But no one’s perfect, not even us, and every now and then something will inevitably slip through the net. When it does we don’t just want to make some worthless gesture - we genuinely want to turn your disappointment into delight. Here’s how...

Find the same item cheaper and we'll refund half the price you paid!

How Does It Work?

Just make sure the item you bought from GTL is compared against exactly the same item (same brand, size, colour and style), sold as brand new and is in stock and available for delivery.

If you place an order and find the item at a lower price that day simply email or call us on 0333 004 3111.

There Are Some Exceptions:
  • We do not match against mail order clubs or online auction sites, for instance eBay or marketplaces such as Amazon.
  • We do not match against products using vouchers or discount codes.
  • All delivery charges are excluded from the GTL Promise.
  • Our Price Promise is only valid for the day the item is bought Any price difference is applied to full ticket price single items only (i.e. No multi-buy purchases and non-sale items).
  • Only UK based websites
  • Claims not available on multiple size and colour purchases of the same product

The Things You’ll Need:

Your GTL order number
Details of the product purchased - item and price paid
Where you saw the same product advertised or available so we can check your claim.

adidas Originals, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Diesel