How Far Do You Need to Walk to Burn Off Your Takeaway?

February 27, 2018

With all the news about 10,000 steps lately, it got us to thinking about how far you would need to walk to burn off certain food – namely, the GTL team’s favourite takeaways and restaurants! How many miles does it…

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Cheap Running Trainers: Styles for Every Budget!

January 19, 2018

If you’re still sticking to your New Year’s resolution to get fit, well done you! You deserve a treat and there’s no better incentive to keep pushing towards your fitness goals than a brand new pair of running trainers. Even…

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January Workout Playlist & Top Fitness Picks

January 14, 2018

When it comes to January, everyone is out there trying to get fitter and more in shape. But we totally understand that working up the motivation to actually go to the gym or work out can be very difficult. There…

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How to stay fit on holiday…

September 8, 2016

We may be firmly out of summer and into autumn, but it doesn’t mean we can’t run away from the cold weather and go find sun elsewhere! To keep your health on check while you’re away, we asked personal trainer…

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Boxing For Women- Why Everyone Is Getting Fit In The Ring

September 7, 2016

There’s a reason why all the A-listers and Victoria Secret models are obsessing over boxing (including the likes of Ellie Goulding and Gigi Hadid). Boxing can blitz  700 calories in just an hour, while completely toning and sculpting your shoulders,…

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10 simple tricks that will help you live a healthier lifestyle.

August 25, 2016

We’ve compiled together a list of simple tips for those who find themselves too busy or uninspired to push themselves into their workouts or healthy lifestyle routines. Have your gym gear ready and waiting. Planning on going for a run/to…

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The workout playlist you need

July 28, 2016

There is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment after you complete a hard sweaty workout. But sometimes it can be damn hard to stay motivated. To help, we’ve assembled together a mini playlist that should push you to keep…

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Tips for first time gym-goers by Rosie Tapping (A Rosie Outlook)

July 22, 2016

Deciding to start a fitness routine can be exciting and daunting all at once, particularly if you’re considering taking up a gym membership to help you achieve your goals.  To those who haven’t set foot in a gym before it…

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5 of the best mini-workouts you can do before work

July 20, 2016

Do you find it hard to balance your work and social life with your fitness routine? For many of us, work can get in the way of our gym time. Who wants to spend the weekend making up for it?…

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Why Kate Hudson Is Our Ultimate Fitness Inspo

July 13, 2016

Kate Hudson is the ultimate celeb when it comes to fitness and health. With a healthy lifestyle book out (Pretty Happy: Healthy Way to Love Your Body), her own line of active wear (Fabletics) and that body, it’s no secret…

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