Glamping: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (There isn’t really any)

May 20, 2015

You might think that glamping isn’t for you, but if your stuck for cash this summer and want a fun filled holiday without the flight abroad then Glamping is a perfect alternative. The only downsides that we can think of are the fact that you will have to come home after fully chilling out without all of the hustle and bustle of daily life!

Heres our reasons of why to glamp this summer!


Getting away to somewhere beautiful

You don’t need to leave the UK to experience a beautiful holiday!



Discovering parts of the UK that you didn’t know existed

We travel all over the world, so isn’t it funny when we don’t even travel to the most beautiful places in our own country



Cosy Nights in

You can kick back and relax, no need to worry about getting dressed up and going out. Instead you can sit round the fire, have a bbq and a glass of wine all under a furry cover under a set of twinkly lights.



Camping with the luxuries!

Don’t worry about pitching the tent, your sleeping bag being warm enough or the portable stove you got years ago….. its all already sorted. Just turn up, eat, sleep and relax!



Do something new

Glamping sites are in the countryside….. and the countryside has much to offer when it comes to activities. Try your hand at rock climbing, a bit of horse riding or even surfing if your brave enough!



If you now fancy a bit of glamping then why not enter our new competition here>>


Good Luck!

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