It’s getting to that time when the idea of being actively healthy suddenly starts becoming pretty impossible, (more so at least). Halloween rolls around and the sweets and chocolate come out, giving your sugar addiction a kick into full gear. Then it’s suddenly Christmas, and the party season is at it’s peak, making your healthy choices less doable without missing out on celebrations. Who wants to pass on all the tasty treats, mulled wine and roasts dinners anyway?


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Yes we know it’s only October, and yes we know we haven’t even had Halloween or Bonfire night yet, but there is no point in hiding from the inevitable – Christmas will soon be here.

If you were really true to yourself, you’ll admit that you’ve probably already been thinking about Santa and his sleigh for at least the last couple of weeks and maybe even the daunting task of Christmas shopping.
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Ross Geller’s Best Moments From Friends

Friends aired this very day back in 1994. To celebrate that fact, we thought we’d count down our top favourite moments from Ross Geller, who is definitely our fave out of the bunch. From glowing teeth, bad tans and tight leather pants, here are his most memorable moments.

The one with the cop.

“Pivot. Pivot! PIIIIIVOT!” Enough said.

The one where Ross is fine.

Ross discovers that his best friend Joey and his ex on-and-off girlfriend Rachel, are an item. He then spends the entire episode drunk and pretending to be fine about it, when he clearly isn’t.

The one where Chandler crosses the line.

We see Ross’ musical “talent”, which he calls, “The Sound”.

 The one with Ross’ teeth.

To impress a girl, Ross decides to whiten his teeth. He leaves the teeth whitener on for too long, and ends up looking like- as Phoebe comments- a freak. He goes on the date anyway and does everything to stop her being blinded by them.

The one with Ross’ tan.

Ross decides to get a spray tan. Things go wrong, and he ends up looking like Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

 The One With All The Resolutions.

It’s New Year, and Ross decides to try something new every day. This day he decides to wear leather pants. Things do not go to plan…

The one where Joey loses his insurance.

While doing a lecture during his professorship at NYU, Ross notices that all of his students aren’t listening. To get their attention, he decides to create a fake British accent. Rachel and Monica catch him in the act.

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Cuties in Converse: Just Landed

More than just shoes, Converse has quickly become one of the most iconic and recognisable brands in history since its inception in 1908. Everyone from Kurt Cobain to James Dean has worn a piece of Converse, and its designs have long been a part of stylish wardrobes around the world. Today the Converse collection includes footwear, clothing and accessories for men, women and children, and here at Get The Label we offer it all at affordable discounted prices.

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How to handle Monday blues.

We all know too well that horrible feeling when you’ve been busy enjoying your weekend then BANG, suddenly it’s Sunday night and you’re struck with gloomy dread for what’s to come on Monday.  Here’s a few little tips that will help make your Monday that little bit easier.



Create a playlist of all your fave songs that are chilled or upbeat. Then as soon as you wake up, play. Listening to music will boost your mood instantly.

carriebradshaw gif


Treat yourself to a new item for your wardrobe! Whether that’s brand new trainers/heels or whatever, save your fresh fun purchase for Monday so you’ll have a spring in your step. Knowing you look good will also give you added confidence! (Check out our discounted designer clothing range 😉 )


Stop yourself from being hangry by having a yummy hearty breakfast that’ll prepare you for the day.



Still pining after that dress you saw online on ASOS? Buy it. Want a pint of beer/glass of wine after work? Why not.


Why should all the fun only happen during the weekend? Try to plan something fun mid-week. Whether it’s a date night trying out the new restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, or a movie night with the pals.



Try and get everything organised and completed by Friday so that you’re not dreading it come Monday. Whether that’s making sure all emails are answered to or sorting out all admin, complete anything that will make Monday more tolerable.


If you’re hungover or have had a pretty active weekend, always make sure to put aside Sunday evening to completely relax and recharge for the new week, and go to bed earlier. Plan your outfit/bag the night before so that everything is ready and you won’t have the Monday morning panic.



Yes, this might seem like a mad idea, but once you’ve finished your workout, the adrenaline and endorphins produced will make you feel as if you could conquer anything, especially your Monday duties.


Sod any diet you have going on. Monday’s are tough enough as it is. Go on and pack your favourite lunch/snacks. Or go out for lunch with your colleagues to perk up your day.



Your weeks will go faster when you have exciting plans ahead. So make sure to book a ton of fun things, whether that’s a holiday, gig tickets, a play/a comedy night or a weekend staying over at a friend’s place.



How to stay fit on holiday…

We may be firmly out of summer and into autumn, but it doesn’t mean we can’t run away from the cold weather and go find sun elsewhere! To keep your health on check while you’re away, we asked personal trainer Jessica Rieger (Soul Shape Fitness), to give us some guidance. See her top tips below.

We all know how it goes; the crash diet before holiday, the frantic last minute sessions in the gym so you look and feel fabulous in your newly purchased swimsuit on the beach. All is going well, until you get on that plane and suddenly everything goes out the window.  You’re on holiday! Even though you hate the phrase YOLO, it ends up being your most used to justify your actions for the next fortnight.

Whether that includes drinking copious amounts of sugary cocktails, eating your body weights worth in food (especially if you’ve booked an all inclusive holiday) or just becoming a sun dried tomato lounging on the beach, you always end up being a few lbs. heavier on the return flight, and no – we’re not talking about your luggage weight.

Here are 8 SIMPLE ways to avoid undoing all that hard work you put in to feel and look great, by staying healthy and fit on your summer break.

Lengths in the pool.

Let’s get this straight; if you’re on a two-week holiday you have around 336 hours in those two weeks to do whatever you wish. Working out or doing some form of exercise each day for only one hour would amount to around 5% of that time. And that 5% could make the world of difference to your waistline. Swimming for an hour can burn up to 600kcal and, apart from that, don’t you get a better tan when in the water?! 😉 I’d call that a win win situation!

Runs/ walks on the beach.

Running or walking bare foot on sand uses up to twice the amount of strength and energy than walking on pavement, so theoretically you can burn the same amount of calories as walking on normal pavement in half the time! Sand can also act as a natural cushion for your joints rather than the harsh and detrimental impact they can have on concrete.

Drink more water

This sounds like an obvious one, but most people are dehydrated on holiday. If you think you don’t drink enough water at home, then you certainly don’t drink enough when in the sun. Sunshine and alcohol can leave you feeling lethargic and sluggish from the first day and it’s definitely not healthy. Always carry a bottle of water with you while you’re out and about or sunbathing and make sure you’re drinking at least three litres a day. A great way to stay hydrated is to drink a glass of water in-between every other drink.

Swap sugary drinks/ cocktails for lighter versions.

The long list of exotic cocktails on the drinks menu or unlimited drinks at the hotel may sound inviting, however you could easily reach your daily calorie intake just through a straw. A 300ml Long Island Ice Tea cocktail can reach up to 600kcal in one glass whereas a rum and diet coke only around 70kcal. Chose wisely. It’s not just the alcohol, just 500ml of orange juice (1 large glass) can have the same amount of sugar in it as around 12 digestive biscuits!

Fresh catch of the day

If you’re on a beach holiday, there will definitely be lots of amazing fish or seafood dishes on your menu. Meat or fish (protein) should be one of the biggest portions on your plate along with veggies. Sticking to a salad or veggies make for a great light meal, but if you do fancy chips or potatoes, you could share with someone or ask for a smaller portion. Top Tip: eat a healthy starter, like melon and Serrano ham, so you don’t over eat on the bread and heavier food on the table.

Eat meals at the apartment.

Making lunches in your apartment will not only save you a lot of money but you will also be able to control what goes into your meals. The more control you have over your food intake the more likely you are to eat nutritious and healthy food that is suited to your diet plan. Remember: Take some Tupperware boxes with you from home or re-sealable sandwich bags.


Let go! You’re on holiday so have a bit of fun; find a cheeky salsa bar or somewhere that offers live music. If your hotel offers dance lessons, why don’t you get out of your comfort zone and give it a whirl – or in this case a twirl! From 80’s disco to the Samba, you can burn between 200-360 kcals for just an hour of dancing.

How many of you are stuck behind a desk at least 8 hours a day for work? And how many of you also go on holiday to do almost the same thing and just vegetate on a sun lounger each day? Your body craves exercise, stretching and movement!! Do yourself a favour and walk instead of taking cabs, hire a bike for a day and do an excursion. I think buying some nice sportswear can motivate you to workout more – knowing you look good. Use your holiday wisely and do something for your body. It will thank you in return with good health, more energy and less stress when you return back to the daily grind.

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Boxing For Women- Why Everyone Is Getting Fit In The Ring

There’s a reason why all the A-listers and Victoria Secret models are obsessing over boxing (including the likes of Ellie Goulding and Gigi Hadid). Boxing can blitz  700 calories in just an hour, while completely toning and sculpting your shoulders, arms, core and legs. Far from being a male-orientated exercise, boxing is the perfect way for women to shed weight and stay active. And no, you won’t  build a bodybuilder body and lose your femininity from it! Below are 5 reasons why boxing is the way to get fit.



All intense exercise will help you to de-stress. Because boxing is a form of HIIT ( high-intensity interval training) any intensity or frustrations you’ve been carrying around can be pounded and sweated out, leaving you feeling refreshed and chilled. It’ll also boost your mood and endorphins, and also improve sleep.


As mentioned before, boxing pretty much works your entire body, and is waay more effective than just jumping on a treadmill. You’ll build muscle and tone everything as well as lose weight because it’s a great cardio workout.  It also improves coordination, agility, reactivity and balance.


Hopefully you’ll never be in a situation where you’ll have to defend yourself, but it’s nice knowing that you can throw a decent punch should you need to!


It can get boring keeping to the same routine like jogging or working the machines at the gym. Boxing will constantly keep you on your toes, as there are so many things to learn. Aside from that, the release of endorphins and adrenaline will give you a feeling of well-being. Rather than having to force yourself into your usual workouts and push yourself into completing them, boxing requires your full concentration, so you’ll find yourself immersed in the session and enjoying it.


A good boxing session will make you breathe heavily, and increase the rate your heart pumps the blood around your body. This strengthens you heart’s muscles and makes you less likely to get heart attacks and strokes.


So go ahead girls, pick up a pair of boxing gloves, invest in some of our fitnesswear, and give it ago!