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American label Levi?s created the very first blue jean back in 1873, setting the standard for high quality denim. From loose-fitted 505s to the classic 501 Levi?s jeans, the brand has captured the loyalty of the world for its unrivalled designs. Beyond its denim, you?ll find other everyday wardrobe essentials that maintain the same dedication to quality.

Levi's 501

Levi's 501 jeans are an iconic American design with a rich history. Beginning in 1873 as a humble utilitarian garment, these jeans soon elevated to a newfound glamorous status worn by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean to Johnny Depp and Rihanna. No other garment in history has been worn by so many people from all walks of life. Its appeal is universal and eternal. Why? Versatility has a lot to do with it. Over the years, the 501s evolved with the times, and each carnation of the classic look, (there have been around 40 changes and updates) all go on to be as iconic as the original style. The jeans work as a blank canvas for self expression, making them accessible and easy to wear. Whether you wear yours with heels or scruffy trainers, the 501 jeans will always remain stylish and original.